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Developing Hydrogen-Augmented Combustion Systems
for diesel-powered vehicles

groupXcaliber is a blending of capabilities from science and technology to marketing and advertising. We are a forward-looking team—looking for energy-related alternatives to replace the current dependence on fossil fuels. Not only are these energy sources in limited supply, their continued consumption also contributes to many long-term environmental issues for our planet.

While we are looking into the future, the present cannot be ignored. We must manage and conserve current fossil fuel reserves until new energy sources are available in economically large scales. To that end, “bridging technologies” are necessary to allow the time needed to develop new energy sources.

groupXcaliber is working to certify and market advanced combustion technology systems. The goal is simple—significantly enhance the fuel efficiency of current popular vehicles and reduce their emissions. This is our technical side.

Photo: © Lowe Llaguno