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Developing Hydrogen-Augmented Combustion Systems
for diesel-powered vehicles

Press & Media Mentions

August 18, 2009

groupXcaliber withdraws from the Progressive Automotive XPRIZEWe have regretfully decided to withdraw from the Automotive XPRIZE. This was due, in part, to the conflict between allocating resources and time to developing viable business plans (an Automotive XPRIZE requirement) and allocating the same to our main goal—the development of HACS (Hydrogen Augmented Combustion System). In addition, we gradually found ourselves “marching to a different drum” than the one we started with a little over a year ago.

As development and refinement of HACS moves forward, we would like to thank the Progressive Insurance Automotive XPRIZE for considering groupXCaliber in the competition and for the support over the past year. We also wish all the best to the remaining teams.

June 4, 2009

Multiple headlights aim at the prize for 100 mpg cars that can be commercially produced.

May 22, 2009

A Cleaner, More Efficient and Safer Energy Future—“With this week’s White House announcement calling for national fuel efficiency and emissions standards, and the introduction of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454), it is clear that automotive and environmental policy are in the spotlight, and the line between the two is fading.”

May 19, 2009

Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE applauds President Obama's plans to accelerate stricter fuel economy and emissions standards.

April 8, 2009

Innovation: 100-mpg car contest under starters orders—“Last night in California a list of 111 teams was announced—one of which may hold the key to motoring’s green future… Notable by their absence were the world’s largest car manufacturers—bar Indian firm Tata—who don’t seem interested in taking part… But you can be sure that the auto giants will be closely watching the progress of entrants through the design judging and performance testing phases planned for this year, as well as the race events scheduled to start in 2010.”

April 6, 2009

Teams Race to Build Super-Fuel-Efficient Car—“A field of 111 teams—ranging India’s Tata Motors Ltd., Silicon Valley startup Tesla Motors Inc. and a team backed by musician Neil Young—will compete for a $10 million prize to build a practical vehicle capable of getting the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon of gas…”

March 26, 2009

Where are they Now? 9 Auto X Prize Team Updates—“With the close of the Progressive Automotive X Prize entry just last month, the racing teams enter the final stretch of the design and preparation phase…. Here’s a look at what the X Prize teams have been doing—and how far they have to go—to prepare for race day.”

January 9, 2009

Detroit automakers urged to enter X Prize race—“The $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize wants Detroit’s Big Three automakers and other major companies to take part in its road race next year to see who can build a vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon.”

November 21, 2008

LA Auto Show: For 22 Competitors, the Auto X PRIZE Race Is On—“The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize announced the first 22 competitors granted registered team status. They had cleared the first hurdle in a quest to win the $10 million prize for designing a clean and superefficient car of the future.”

January 15, 2008

Auto X Prize Targets 100 Miles Per Gallon—“It’s not as sexy as flying in space, but a new competition by the X Prize Foundation has the potential to be just as revolutionary: producing mainstream cars that can travel at least 100 miles on a gallon
of gas.”

March 2008

groupXcaliber has been accepted into the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE “Letter of Intent Program”. As with all teams accepted into the “Letter of Intent Program”, we will still need to submit a formal application for the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition. This will happen once the competition is formally announced and the final acceptance criteria and competition rules are determined.

Recent Blog Mentions

March 4, 2009

Auto X Prize Deadline has passed; Thoughts on the Purse Split—“The Automotive X Prize’s deadline for registration has passed and now we get to wait and see just who's going to be actually participating in the upcoming high-mileage competition. The organizers say that the last few days and hours before the deadline were "an absolute firestorm of phone calls, emails, and overnight packages.”

February 20, 2009

Consumer Reports To Test Auto X Prize Cars—“As the ‘official active safety testing partner,’ Consumer Reports will conduct all of the pre-race safety inspections… That’s cool, but not so cool as the announcement that Consumer Reports will begin using the ‘miles per gallon energy equivalent’ standard…”

February 18, 2009

Automotive X PRIZE Deadline Draws Near—“So far, about 40 vehicles have been entered in the competition, and the X Prize Foundation expects to have 50 entrants by the Feb. 28 sign-up deadline.”

February 4, 2009

Automotive X PRIZE Draws 25 Teams So Far—“The Progressive Automotive X-Prize has drawn competitors from around the world, and the teams include college kids and India's largest automaker. The cars they're building use every drivetrain technology short of hydrogen fuel cells, and most of them look like something you'd want to drive."

February 3, 2009

Auto X PRIZE, DOE Launch Fuel Our Future Student Website—“Know anyone who’s in school? The Progressive Automotive X Prize (AXP) launched a new website today that targets K-12 students in the U.S. with information about the vehicles and fuels of the future. It’s called, ta-da, “Fuel Our Future Now.”